Mesa de Computador Elisa – en


The Elisa computer desk is the ideal desk for any home office.

A product made just right for your needs, this desk enchants for its many features.

With a resistant 2.5 cm thick top and plenty of useful space, it has a rounded corner to increase safety and prevent accidents with corners.

The shelves, above the top, follow the design with rounded corners improving the usability of the product.

It also has a side shelf with niches and shelves for greater organization of objects, books and even space for a small printer.

If you need space for larger objects, the bottom shelf can be removed.

And to finish all this organization, it also has 02 drawers with metal slides.

Its chamfered side design makes the product look lighter.

And for a better optimization of space, it is possible to leave the chair fully fitted under the top.

01 – 25mm top with rounded edge.

02 – Removable shelf for placing the CPU.


1380 mm





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