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Home Guarujá Permóbili  brings together the biggest trends in living room furniture.

With ripped details and ample space in a 100% MDF product. In addition to a top shelf where you can place decorative pieces such as picture frames, books and other decorative objects.

Ideal for those who love to gather the family in the living room to share fun moments, watching their favorite series and movies, as it has space for a TV up to 65”.

It has a robust top and side with a thickness of 4 cm, providing a more robust and modern look.

Completing this modern look is a slatted front sliding door with aluminum bottom rail.

With a space at the bottom where you can decorate with other Permóbili products such as the Puff Table, where your pet can share the fun with the whole family.

Permóbili is always thinking about products that adapt to your reality and your family, through the design of multifunctional products that are adaptable to what you need.

*Puff Table and Bank Table are sold separately.

Home Guarujá available in NEW COLORS: Nature/Off White and Nature/Black Lead



For TV up to 65"



Free Space for TV: W 2205 x H 1200mm



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