Caravelas Panel 2.25


The Caravelas Panel 2.30. With a slatted design, which is trending in the current decoration scene, this panel combines sophistication and functionality in a unique way.

With ample space and specially designed to accommodate a TV up to 84 inches. Imagine watching your favorite films and series on such an imposing screen and integrated into a piece of furniture that harmonizes perfectly with the environment.

It has a niche with tilts, offering additional space to store various objects in an organized way. Its strategically positioned shelf allows you to display decorative items, books or any other object you desire.

And to add even more personality to your space, the Caravelas Panel arrives in the new Cinamomo/Off White color, a charming combination that conveys a feeling of calm and sophistication.

If you are looking for a modern, spacious piece of furniture that adapts perfectly to your lifestyle, the Caravelas Panel is the ideal choice. It will transform your living room into a welcoming, practical and personality-filled environment.

And for smaller spaces, Permóbili offers two more size options: The Caravelas Panel 1.80 and 1.40.


2250 mm

For TV up to 84"


1850 mm

Free space for TV: W 2100 x H 1100mm